studio MTK aims to provide its clients with access to a more grounded, family-oriented and intentional way of living through a unique combination of professional, yet inherently personal, design, construction and marketing services.

The studio’s mission is inspired by the personal experience of its founders, Steffen and Sara, who together own and rent a pair of Montauk cottages they purchased, designed and renovated themselves, and who both recently left high profile careers in New York to slow down and raise their family more mindfully in Montauk.

As Steffen and Sara have experienced first hand, due to the impressive demand for summer home rentals in Montauk, design-savvy homeowners here have the unique ability to earn most or all of their annual carrying costs in just two or three months of rentals. Very few places in the world provide such an impressive investment opportunity.

Yet, this financial benefit is only half the story, as it does not account for the remaining nine to ten offseason months each year when these same homeowners are able to spend quality time in Motauk and enjoy their home, knowing it has been fully paid for. For Steffen and Sara, this ‘free time’ in Montauk was when they felt the benefit of their investment return the most. For five years, they spent most of their Fall, Winter and Spring weekends with family and friends in Montauk, recharging from the previous workweek, crafting invaluable memories, breathing fresh air and falling further in love with Montauk. So much so that they decided to leave New York and move full time to Montauk in 2018.

While Steffen and Sara do not expect to perfectly replicate their story for others, they do believe owning and renting a home in Montauk is literally life changing. For Steffen and Sara, investing in Montauk has facilitated a more mindful, slower way of living for their family, and has inspired them to share their story and expertise with others looking to cultivate a similar path for themselves and their loved ones Out East.